Foreign Trade

Ruminal has been starting foreign trade activity since 2008. The company has a strong interest to develop its foreign trade capacity in both directions: importing directly API (mainly antibiotics, vitamins, disinfectant and external parasites) and also exporting its finished products.

Ruminal already exports finished products to Peru, Uruguay and has also agreements in Paraguay and Chile. We are interested in signing agreements with other distributors in other countries or also for the countries already mentioned for products not committed.

Our strong points are a very good quality of products with affordable prices relation, a good flexibility of deliveries and variety of presentations of products from “small” to “large” presentations. We are particularly competitive in poultry and companion animals products. We have also a unique portfolio of products ( 20 ) for the niche market of pigeons and canary birds .

RuminalWe already export to Latin American countries but wish to extend this to other regions of the world: Middle East and Asia.

In case of interest please contact us at:

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