50 Years of Trajectory


RuminalRuminal S.A., a veterinary laboratory, (formerly Rumivet SRL), has been present in the Argentine market for more than 50 years. This company is focused on manufacturing, developing, commercializing, exporting, importing and representing foreign companies as regards veterinary products. Its wide range of products includes almost every animal species and this company is specialized in poultry and pets. Ruminal has the most important range of products in Latin America for doves, canary birds, songbirds and ornamental birds, with more than 15 registered and commercialized specific products. The company has nowadays 70 registered products on its own and it distributes other products of the foreign companies that it represents.

Its broad background, its reliability and its commercial presence have allowed Ruminal S.A. to obtain the exclusive distribution in Argentina of first-rate, international laboratory products such as:

Virbac S.A. – a French laboratory, placed 8th in the world ranking, it is the first independent veterinary laboratory in the world.
Bimeda S.A. – an Irish laboratory, with several plants in Europe, United States and Canada, with an ample portfolio, and specialized in large animals and poultry farming.
Dow – Quimica for sanitizing products for the veterinary area.  Link
The production plant is located in Florida, within the district of Vicente López, Buenos Aires and it has 480 m2. The administrative and commercialization offices are also located in said place.

RuminalAfter a change of a major shareholder in 2008, a very important investment in the plant was decided, which allowed the fulfilment with the highest standards of quality and with the requirements from the authorities, as well as with quality standards of national and international laboratories who trust us the manufacture of several of their products. Thus, we manufacture for companies such as Novartis, Merial and Invesbio and we are authorized for manufacturing and fractioning liquids, creams and solid products. Our vaccines and tablets and with active ingredients such as beta lactam or antiparasitics are manufactured by duly authorized third parties with whom we have been working for many years.

Our commercial team is divided into three areas: pets, poultry farming and swine and large animals. We serve more than 130 distributors and customers throughout the country and we have recently begun exporting some of our products, which are already present in three countries of the region.

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