Enrofloxacina Ruminal 100 and 200 mg

Quinolonic antibiotics, bactericide in tablets, for canines and felines.

Quinolonic antibiotics, bactericide in tablets, for canines and felines.

RuminalIt is an absolute bactericide, that is to say, its activity continues even in a lag phase of bacteria, which is a common characteristic of fluoroquinolones. It has several mechanisms of action, but, undoubtedly, its inhibition of the DNA gyrase enzyme, is the most uncommon, producing an unwinding of the bacterial DNA, that causes bacterial death almost instantaneously. Its action spectrum is broad and it is effective against gram negative and gram positive aerobes, Mycoplasmas, Erlichia canis and Mycobacterium. It does not have any activity against obligate anaerobes.




Enrofloxacin tablets 100 and 200 mg
Treatment of respiratory, digestive, skin and genitourinary infections.
Dosis, vía de administración o método de uso: 
Enrofloxacin 100 mg: 1 tablet, 10 to 20 kg of weight (5 to 10 mg/kg) every 24 hours. Enrofloxacin 200 mg: 1 tablet, 20 to 40 kg of weight, equivalent to 5 to 10 mg/kg every 24 hours.
Duración del tratamiento: 
Canines and felines: treat during 5 to 7 days or 3 to 4 days after the symptoms disappear, according to the opinion of the Veterinarian.
Contraindicaciones y precauciones: 
Do not use in animals sensitive to its active components, do not use in puppies younger than 6 months of age. Do not administer when there is any suspicion of serious renal failure.
Boxes containing 10 blisters of 10 tablets each of 100 to 200 mg.
Info legal y acreditación SENASA: 
Certificate N°95.364

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